Our team of library consultants is well-equipped to assist libraries in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of information and technology, ensuring that libraries remain vital and effective in meeting the needs of their users. We provide user engagement services to support the development of modern libraries and educational spaces.


As library consultants, we play a vital role in helping libraries adapt to new technologies, optimize their resources. We help enhance the learning experience for library communities. Our combined expertise as higher education consultants, academics, librarians, and IT planners allows you to offer comprehensive insights. We provide reports and recommendations to support the development and improvement of libraries and learning spaces.

Our team is uniquely composed of both active and retired librarians, whose wealth of practical knowledge and firsthand experience enriches our consultancy. With years of implementing diverse library programs across various settings, they provide invaluable insights into the specific challenges and opportunities your organization may encounter. Our technology consultancy provides a comprehensive methodology. It is based on holistic strategies for the distribution of library technology services, ensuring robust and adaptable solutions for your needs.



In the context of designing a library with limited funds, visual scanning can be particularly important. By strategically arranging key elements such as the entrance, reference desk, and search lab, we help our clients optimize the user experience. We help facilitate safe and productive navigation within the space. Considerations such as clear signage, placement of touch points, and a well-defined program for collections can help users quickly and effortlessly locate the resources or assistance they need.

Learning Resource Centers, Learning Commons, Student Success Concepts and National Libraries: National Library of Greece, National Library of Ireland and NLB Singapore, DePaul, DOE, FDA, NATO, Tufts University, Robert Morris University, Teton County Library System, Buffalo and Erie County, Broward County, St. Louis County, Spokane Washington and Las Vegas Clark County, Fuller Theological Seminary, University of California, Eastern Michigan University, Long Island University and University of Illinois Chicago, University of S. Alabama, University of Texas, and House of Wisdom, MRBL Library, KAUST.



The increasing role of technology in transforming learning resources and work standards highlights the need for Digital Planning Consultants. Our library consultants can assist in developing strategies that bridge the gap between traditional academic programs and the evolving technological landscape.

We help initiate a comprehensive "bridge-maker" strategies by conducting a service review of the library. This review encompasses academic programs that collaborate with librarians, research capabilities, and teaching and training facilities. Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD has been assessing these areas for years. In the last 20 years, our Digital Planning Consultants have identified the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. We have proven that our methodology helps integrate library technology effectively in different settings.