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Librarians need to manage the library collection, staffing and technology options to improve knowledge services.  We will deploy a suite of researchers who will analyze all present processes, how they are changing and how they will change in the future.  

Operational Efficiency studies support management by focusing on practical improvement to the building.

Sample Study of Library:

  • Conducting Macro planning for redesign 
  • Integrating staff workflow for technical services.
  • Identifying obstacles to success
  • Maximizing opportunities for redesign and group dynamics
  • Understanding service (check-out and check-in of materials) 
  • Analyzing information gathered on efficiencies and facilities
  • Collaborating with staff to create operating excellence
  • Reducing operating costs and redistributing funds based on recommended priorities
  • Understanding digital born content, federated collection, faculty, students and staff
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Understand the community's vision of the library including its funding, furniture and equipment; a physical space that actively supports different modes of learning and the rapid switching between modes. It must be managed strategically to enhance services and operations.

Observe the "library as a place." How people use it.  How resources are organized. How people connect to print, digital and media collections. Operations include the number of service desks; size and location of collections; number and location of seats; type of seats individual, group study, meeting room, training spaces; number and location of staff offices, workstations and storage areas.