To gather critical information, we conduct open community forums, focus groups and visual assessments. We use Zoom Webinars to share information. We develop space comparisons, concepts, staff and operations and FF&E budgets for library building projects. We align strategic planning efforts and support five-year planning strategies. We conduct interviews with stakeholders to incorporate their voices. The result is a library design that reflects the needs of the community.

ACA's research of library behavior


Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD specializes in working closely with our clients. Collaboration with librarians, academics, community stakeholders and architects engaged in a project is an important part of our work. Communication is key to a productive working relationship and a vital strength of our consultancy. See Our Client List.


Our team of library consultants are experts in organizational planning, strategic planning, campus planning, library space planning and electronic resources. We can provide virtual consulting services and tele-conferencing.

With limited funds, you can build a self study for your library. Our consultants can conduct a series of tele-conference work sessions. The data gathering exercises are delivered online (remotely). The work sessions start a process of discovery.

Our team can meet you online using SKYPE, WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, etc. We can perform our building program and library design workshops via the internet. Our distance consulting service enables the project team be get close to the issues. Our studies allow leadership to improve library services rapidly. We take the librarians perspective so that new building projects reflect innovations in technology and service delivery. We provide an unbiased voice that helps build institutional goals and objectives.


Our library consultants can produce programs that detail all types of furniture, shelving, computer networks, cabling, power and security.

Our team produces specifications for high-density storage, compact storage, conservation and preservation lab designs. We develop functional programs to identify and determine the number of shelves required.

We can produce library building layouts in CAD. We utilize 2D CAD (computer aided-design drafting), 3D AUTOCAD and computer-animated walkthroughs to share our findings.

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We can measure old paper plans and convert them. We have models for all types of learning spaces. We can determine the community needs and deliver a functional and creative program that communicates requirements to an architect or project team. For example, our innovative work recommended the design for the consultation bar; a research and information commons for collaboration.


Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD provides library consulting services to support a wide variety of libraries including: academic, public, school, special, law, medical, corporate and government. Our academic consulting experience includes the learning commons, faculty commons, tutoring and seminar space designs, library processing and operations utilization studies, security, digital asset management, preservation and archival storage plans.

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ACA's research of library behavior

Our Visual Scan is a unique "library service analysis" that aids the development of the library, learning environment and/or museum concept. Our methodology enables us to develop a priority list of physical and/or electronic library requirements. The Visual Scan helps us collaborate with the project team, creating design-aware opportunities to develop the best library plan.

We first used the Visual Scan at the FDA library in 2006. This enabled us to produce a solid program and plan for US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Thinking about innovative ideas for your community? Check out theNational Library of Greece.

We have international library project experience including the National Library of Bermuda (2002) and National Library of Ireland (2010). In the 1990's, we helped transform the National Library of Singapore (NLB) into one of the best library services in the world. It is a system of library buildings that include: Learning Labs and Clusters

Our design projects include the National Library of Barbados, DePaul University, Vaughn College, New England Institute of Technology, Las Vegas Clark County Library System, New York Public Library, Boston Public Library, NATO, FDA, U of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, LIU, UCO, SELU, U of California and Stanford University.   We provided long and short architectural planning studies that helped these libraries grow and transform their services.

public library site planning

For Public Libraries:
  • Life-long learning centers
  • Browse-about (current topics and titles display)
  • Sortation Systems (RFID sorting / planning)
  • Popular reading and literacy areas
  • Reference areas
  • Access to collaborative technology
  • Periodicals and lounge seating
  • Children's areas
  • Teen zones
  • Small business support 
  • Genealogy services

For Academic and Special Libraries:
  • Individual learning spaces
  • Group learning spaces
  • Teaching and learning spaces
  • Conversions from print journal resources to digital resources
  • Scholarly activities (specialized workstations)
  • Mobile integration, flow and seating
  • Reference Service desks
  • High tech access - augmented learning systems
  • Cafes & meeting places
  • Digital access requirements
  • Print archives and preservation centers
  • Compact storage