How We Work

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD continuously works for librarians, architects and educators. Our library workshops and methods align services for the long term future. Using data to develop library planning scenarios is an insurance policy for success.

collaborative space

Do you need help defining the size of your library? We provide methods to determine the size of the collection and support our clients with Print Archive / Print Repository plans. We can provide planning examples for high density storage and collection archives. We provide unique programs for each collection project, but most projects follow a similar framework: first we listen, gather data, and assess. Then, we summarize findings and deliver our recommendations.

Below is a concept we developed to provide both collection and learning space. It is a storage solution that can be integrated into your library or education space.

collaborative space

We have program models to support collection storage requirements. We can develop a guidebook to build your physical and digital library. The concept includes library and bookstore models to support the development of Product Ontologies and Historic Collections in an efficient configuration. The benefits for staff include better management of assets and the re-use of existing resources.