Library Planning Experience

Aaron Cohen Associates LTD (ACA) provides digital services enhancements, and we modernize library collections. We improve the physical design of libraries and build digital ones. We provide library consultant experience.

We research current trends in library digital services, such as online catalogs, e-books, virtual programs, and digital archives. that results in new services, long term planning, and fundraising for new libraries. We have a long history providing library building strategies to integrate digital and archival services into the library infrastructure.

We provide leadership in library planning and design. Our library designer conducts a collection assessment to identify gaps and areas of improvement in the library's current collections. We research community interests and demographics to tailor the collections to meet the diverse needs of the population. We provide master library facility plans to help implement long and short term plans that includes weeding outdated materials and acquiring new resources.


Aaron Cohen Associates LTD (ACA) is a library technology planning and architectural consulting firm that has been in business for over 50 years. We evaluate the current layout and space utilization of the library. We help identify potential areas for improvement. We research modern library design trends, including flexible spaces, technology integration, and sustainability.

We work on capital projects and large complex library designs. We develop a space plan that optimizes usability, accessibility, and aesthetics within the library's physical constraints.


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Our team of experienced library consultants have a library of user surveys. We conduct focus groups and use score cards to determine the spatial priorities. We work with library patrons to gather feedback on their preferences for digital services, collections, and space design.

We have a library of library plans, analyzing user data to understand usage patterns, popular genres, and technology usage among different age groups. Contact Us


Supplementing the onsite workshops, we leverage online and video conferencing sessions to maintain ongoing communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. These expert library consultant workshops enable us to integrate the expertise of our studio team with the knowledge and perspectives of the library staff and stakeholders, regardless of geographical constraints.


Our studio develops tailored work products that address the specific needs of each library project. These work products may include: Digital Library Specifications, Information Services Design, Educational Solutions Architecture, Learning Commons Design, Library Staffing Analysis and Space Planning and Architectural Programming.

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Our methodology includes design thinking and AI learning. We have been studying library user behavior for many years. When you work with our team, we will help you evaluate the effectiveness of the library, and make informed decisions to optimize the operations and services. This project based work includes in initital evaluation and refinement of strategies.

If you need to research the cost of implementing new digital services, updating collections, and renovating the library's physical space, we can help. If you need to develop a budget proposal outlining the financial resources required for each aspect of the planning for a library or working on a new learning commons, we are ready.

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