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Planning a Library

Our programming includes an analysis of the service challenges.

Social Distance

Develop a Program to Adapt Your Library

Historic Libraries

Delicate Balancing & Programming

Start Up Planning

Develop a Library Environment that is collaborative


We know how to partner on large transformative projects

Library Design

Develop a program before you design; discover your needs.

Anything is Possible

Transformative programming and site analysis

Service Desks - Touch Point

We have program and studies that detail operations

Enhance Your Library

We study libraries and benchmark their services. We have a library of over 100 library plans

Technology Needs Assessment

We analyze library user needs to support programming efforts.

Planning Methodology

Design thinking methods are used to discover - design - develop

Transformative Spaces

The greatest library buildings in the world were developed with a library consultant. We study the ways libraries work.

Large and Small Libraries

We have the ability to do so much more with a library. We can verify the library design and plan.

Integrating Double Volume Space

We study the greatest architects, leveraging their knowledge to build the best library with the lowest cost.

Children's Libraries / Creative Space Design

When we analyze a public library, we always try to improve the children's library.

Learing Commons

We have studied all types of library users. Learning Commons programming is a challenge requiring expert support.

School Libraries

We have programmed and planned adaptive school libraries.

Block Diagram

This is an example program diagram from Millersville University

Planning Workshop

We specialize in library planning and design. We can simplify your planning.

Planning Diagram

Strategically measure your users, collection, and operations. Improve your future.

Verify Your Plan

A library program helps you breakdown the issues and concerns.

Operations Planning

Technology services grow organically. We can help you organize the growth.

Visualize the Space

Our partners are experts in furniture design.

Small Library Design

We have worked on all different types of libraries. Cross fertilize your ideas.

Historic Library Inventory

We specialize in historic public libraries.

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