Aaron Cohen Associates LTD (ACA) is a library-planning and consulting firm that has been in business for over 48 years. Our decades of experience reflect our ability to adapt to the field’s ever-evolving needs; it is also why we have clients both around the corner and around the world.

Generations of Library Research

  • Library Strategies
  • Education
  • Research Studies
  • Planning Concepts

Collaborative Learning is Essential to Lasting Success

The benefits of collaborative learning through building programming are many. We provide a foundation for discovery and improvement. Connecting disparate ideas and knowledge is only one part of our library planning process. Applying our client’s imagination and personal knowledge tends to be a successful ingredient for project success. The deeper we dig, the more creative outcomes result.

First Identify the Important Issue to be Resolved

What's the most pressing problem at your library or organization? Think of the users and partners you would like to have participate in your study. That might be all you need to develop the next generation library. We follow up using virtual teams, which we use to extend our workshops impact.

Blended Learning

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD helps an organization envision and realize its growth opportunities. We are developing private school libraries (e.g. collaboration space) that allow students to be inventive with their work environment. If there is an open mind, there will always be a space for collaboration.

We research and analyze great Libraries

Although our perceptions can be different, we know a great design when we see it. Luckily for us, we have had close up opportunities to learn from the best and model our programs on their wisdom.

User Needs Assessment

The ACA process does not simply help libraries connect what's the most important. We help identify the problem at hand and provide short term solutions, when appropriate. Our instant feedback provides an opportunity to build a momentum and improve learning outcomes.

Multimedia Experiences

Because ACA's process builds stronger partnerships, our clients form lasting relationships with our firm. Indeed, we have a library of library planning components to share. We have programs from our library of plans, which comes in handy when we have a challenge to solve.

Design Thinking Experiences

Discover, Design, Develop - the three-step meta-data process we apply will help you identify the user needs and potential digital options for improvement. Our work can be used for connecting, testing, discovering, designing, and planning for the future.

Research Libraries

  • Pace University

    Library, Archive, Collections


  • LeMoyne University

    Quantitative Reasoning Center


  • Oak Ridge National Lab

    Learning Commons


  • NIST

    NIST Library/Museum


  • Tricounty Technical College

    Student Success Center


Public Libraries/Schools

  • St. Andrews School


  • Bishop Ireton


  • Boxford Public Library


  • Lancaster Public Library


Perseverance in Change

Change is life itself, not a single library project. Aaron Cohen Associates research creates greater organizational capacity. We help the library to change through inquiry, sharing stories, relationships, collaboration, partnerships, and cooperative innovation workshops. We plan the roadmap by understanding existing conditions and desired performance. We are motivated by all the libraries and supporters who have built up their community.

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