Library Consultant - Design Thinking/Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking

Modeling and User Experience Mapping is used to improve public libraries, museums, academic, corporate and government research libraries. Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD consulting process should not be confused with the - you can do what you like approach - flexibility is given when there is a library program - a structure of service to build more staff skills and functions than you had before. This systems improvement approach allows you to extend resources in times of change.

Future Mappers

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD consultation is a highly structured and participative process in which our clients redesign their library from one based on our programming models. It is a comprehensive process during which the stakeholders help us plan and program the library. We set measurable goals, and provide training to develop the new program.

Experience with Library Information Systems

Do you need some expert Library IT help: we can support user updates, authentication, content categorization, selection and management of collections including metadata, ontologies and categories.

Digital Asset Management

There are many platforms that provide enterprise services. We research these services to extend libraries resources for our clients. We provide a rigorous method for testing and planning information services. Our approach paves the way for an organized approach to library outreach, collection and community development.

Responsive Space Program

We are committed to the development of the best libraries in the world. We offer our services to improve the outcomes for our clients. This includes presenting benchmarking and trends in library information science as well as architectural planning and programming for buildings.

Data Gathering Activities

A good goal is to develop ongoing organizational learning process, which captures the best thinking in the organization. One client developed an internal resource team to reach marketing partners and help them user their resources to save funds.

Verified Library Program

Sometimes a project will suggest that you hire a library consultant. Our support helps to both disseminate key learning and engage the organization in implmenting new strategies.

Staff Models

The library staff needs to constantly understand and improve systems by developing high-leverage improvements. Our team has the experience working with various organizations, including public libraries, colleges and large universities, fortune 500 companies and government research labs.

New Library Planning

Where do you start? what are the most important challenges in your plan? How will you collaborate with others in your organization to make sure the project is a success? We have developed library programs that will help you verify the library program and plan.

The Methods: Library Planning Structures

We are currently working to further develop and refine the library program tools, and online education technique for use in the public sector. We know that behavioral research holds tremendous promise for improving libraries, museums, colleges and universities, government research and corporate IT systems. We are highly regarded information and strategy consultants. We know how to structure a comprehensive set of measurable goals.

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