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Library Programming

To be leaders in the library design field, from digital information systems to architectural influence. With a proven track record of over 50 years, ACA is a pioneer in the library design industry, creating service programs for some of the biggest, globally recognized libraries and institutions to date.

Digital Library Planning

Strategic Library Planning

Customers appreciate our library needs assessment and technology planning methods which were developed as a design-thinking discovery process. Today, it relates to identifying the job to be done and cost efficient options.

Learning in Action

We are experienced library programmers and designers. We know that architectural structure and linear service planning can limit creativity. That is why our library programs also focus on a knowledge management strategy, organized around trusted teams, sharing resources and communities of practice.

Generate Structure with Your Plans

We have a structure to our design efforts. Design thinking creates a natural flow from research to rollout. Our consultants think globally and apply our knowledge locally. We provide libraries with comprehensive programming. We work across industries and businesses small to large.

Develop Flexible / Adaptive Space

To be successful, your library improvement process must deliver four things: better solutions, lower risks, costs, and library community buy in.

Design Thinking

We have acted as liaisons and selected books/digital media, via both approval plans and firm orders. Worked closely with the vendors and acquisitions librarians to process book orders for a new central library. We also analyzed several large gifts to create a library collection for a public library.

Testing the Future

We learn by doing things. Our Data Modeling/Ontologist real-world experiments have resulted in success on many levels. Our international corporate intranet projects have given us an opportunity to develop global DAM systems from scratch. This experience is useful when you consider the transformation of your library.


We help our clients imagine things differently. This process includes imagining a future that includes all the best parts of your library. It helps teams build prototypes of the future, which in some cases, makes a big difference to vulnerable populations. Our work helps reduce staff and cusotmer fear of change.

Collection Development

Companies regard metadat prototyping as a process. We know how to create, maintain, analyze, and enhance metadata across the Library’s inventory management and discovery platforms. We can share strategies to troubleshoot access issues. This includes support to diagnose and resolve problems. We know how to manage information in the Library’s Unified Resource Management System.

Accelerate Your Organization Through Planning

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Alex Talks About Our Service Plan Framework

We are still learning how to appreciate and improve libraries. Yet it is increasingly clear that the world is ready for more libraries. Alex talks about our Service Plan Framework.

Efficient Services

We have been helping libraries adapt to technology solutions for 50 years. In the last 20 years, we developed RFID libraries, self check out / in systems, VLM storage, high density storage and logistics services. We continually research the next generation of library services including VR, touch less transactions, and integration with sensors. Library science and information science is built on design thinking.

Why Select Us?

When the service or programming challenge is not easy, we are there to help. For example, we worked for the Boston Antheaum, testing new functions and options. We have a stable of library programs and examples of past challenges. Real-world experiments are an essential strategy to improve your library.

New Libraries in Historic Times

We have seen the sand near the ocean and walked with visionaries who wanted to provide more to the people of Athens. We studied the ancient manuscripts with scholars and developed modern labs for them to digitize and preserve the past. Visit the SNFCC.

Learning Commons

We have been studying online learning and technology for years. We experimented with the Access Grid for the US Federal Government back in the 2000's and imagined a future where we could meet online and converse. No other firm has improved more Federal Libraries than Aaron Cohen Associates.

The Challenge of Innovation

We have programmed successful maker spaces and teen studios. We have increased the light and balanced the collections. Defining the problems is obvious. Asking more interesting questions can help teams discover more original ideas.

Students Journey

A new way of organizing library collections leads to extraordinary improvements -- with the insights of the students we were able to lauch a new type of library. At SUNY Oneonta, our program included a blend of online, hybrid or blended learning strategies. The result was a new type of library with new types of work space to study. Organized processes keep our teams on track and result in new types of experiences.


Master Plan

Library Operations and Alignment

Immersion into the library user experience provides raw data for deep insights. We help by finding patterns from other libraries, capturing them and building a knowledge base to benchmark improvements. For example, our team will research a library technology problem and solve the issue by reaching out to industry vendors. Our knowledge of the library industry and personnel aids in the discovery process. Consider what happens when you can't get the answer. We can help.

We think globally and operate locally. Our library planning expertise and love for streamlined, superior services extends to all industries and clients alike.

Notable Projects

  • National Library of Singapore

    Master Plan


  • National Library of Greece

    Master Plan



    Research Library


  • Stanford University

    Research Libraries


  • Smithsonian Libraries

    Natural History Museum


  • MRBL Library

    New Dubai Library


  • Boston Anthenaeum

    Master Plan



    Library/Shappel Center



    Global Digital Library


  • House of Wisdom

    Master Plan


University Projects

  • DeSale University


  • Le Moyne College


  • Pace University


  • Rowen University


  • SUNY Oneonta


  • University of Maryland


  • West Chester University


  • Robert Morris University


About Us

ACA is well-known in the library field for our unique library service-planning and user studies, including our Visual Scan architectural, business and library planning methods. We look at how students do academic work, and how patrons find information and make use of the physical and technological resources within a library; we create a customized approach to each project.

This is our pledge

We have built our consulting business on open communication. Our process is not one-sided; we listen, we engage in dialogue with our clients and within our team, and we make sure that every person involved is both aware and satisfied every step of the way. This ability to manage projects in an honest and open manner is a cornerstone of our success.

Our past work has taught us that when we engage with library communities of practice, we gain truly valuable insights. These communities provide details and refinements, and ultimately enhance future services and operations. We recognize our clients’ wisdom, because our most successful clients already understand their “communities.” Together we do our work, developing common strategies for library operations and space improvement(s).

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Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant

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